Best Dedicated Server Hosting of 2019

Dedicated Server means that you get an entire server to yourself. There’s no sharing of CPU time, RAM or bandwidth, which means your website stays responsive at all times.

Dedicated hosting implies that you also get far more control over how the server is configured. You can add and remove software, install updates or tweak all settings, allowing you to optimize the server for your specific needs.

Best of all, Dedicated Server Hosting contracts often come with fast and knowledgeable support. The best providers will even monitor your server for issues, like failed services, and can often fix them before you’ve realized there was a problem.

This kind of power doesn’t come cheap, and although there are some good signup deals around, you can easily spend $50-$140 a month and more on just a basic package.

With that kind of investment, it’s important to make the right choice. In this article, we’re going to highlight five top dedicated hosting providers who you might want to check out first.

Here are the best Dedicated Server Hosting 2019 deals

The Best Dedicated Derver Hosting of 2019

  • Inmotion Hosting: Get an exclusive free 1TB Backup Drive worth $168/year when you buy a dedicated server from InMotion Hosting from only $105.69 per month. The Essential package has a Xeon E3 CPU, 8GB memory, 500GB SSD and 6TB transfer.
  • Godaddy: For only $69.99 per month, Godaddy’s economy dedicated server hosting packs a powerful punch with 4GB of system memory, a Xeon E3 CPU, 1TB RAID-1 storage and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Kimsufi: Using OVH infrastructure, it delivers a great value with 32GB RAM and 2TB storage for 30 Euros. The secret to this low price is the fact that they use older servers (around 10 years old).
  • Rapidswitch: For a change, this is a UK-based web hosting provider that focuses only on dedicated servers. No VPS or shared hosting here. Starting at £29 per month with a Xeon CPU, 16GB of RAM and 2TB of RAID-1 storage for the i3 Special, RS uses the same recipe as Kimsufi. Older hardware.

5 Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting 2019

1. 1&1 IONOS

Great value servers from the German giant

1&1 Dedicated Servers$50/mth
German-based 1&1 (as October 2018 called 1&1 IONOS) is well known as a budget hosting provider, but the company doesn’t just offer value for website newbies: its dedicated server range starts at a very low $56 (£39.99) a month for the first three months, then $78 (£60).

As you might imagine, 1&1 has had to cut a few corners to hit that price point. The cheapest plans are relatively basic, with limited hardware, although network bandwidth got an upgrade with 1 Gbit/s. Features like SSD drives and server management (1&1 updates, monitors and manages the server for you) cost extra. Oh, and there’s also a setup fee of at least $69 (£49).

2. Hostwinds

No catches – just capable dedicated hosting for a fair price
 E3-1270 v3 Dedicated Server $79.50/mth
E3-1271 v3 Dedicated Server $90.75/mth
6272 Dedicated Server $117/mth

High-spec, feature-packed products
Fairly priced
US data centers only
Hostwinds is a capable hosting provider which crams a huge range of features into all its products, from the most basic shared hosting plans to its enterprise-level cloud-based range.

Its dedicated server range may start at just $79.50 (£57) a month, for instance – $106 (£76) on renewal – but even these baseline products include features that are premium extras elsewhere.

3. A2 Hosting

Take your website performance to the next level
 A2 Unmanaged Flex Server $99.59/mth
A2 Managed Flex Server $140/mth
A2 Core Flex Server $141.09/mth

Many server speedup technologies
cPanel included
Relatively high prices
Opting for dedicated rather than shared hosting will speed up your website in itself, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. A2 Hosting’s managed server plans blend multiple tricks and technologies to try and ensure you see the best possible performance.

This starts with a powerful set of server components: OPcache and APC may speed up PHP processing by 50%. Memcached holds key MySQL data in RAM for faster retrieval, while mod_pagespeed uses multiple tricks to optimize site content. SPDY and HTTP/2 accelerate page loads even further, and support for technologies like edge side includes and websockets allow more fine-tuned optimizations of your site.

4. OVH

SSD drives too slow? Try NVMe instead
 OVH INF1 $69/mth
OVH INF2 $119/mth
OVH INF3 $319/mth

25+ data centers
Expert-level options and extras
Good value
It may not have the profile of the big-name competition, but OVH is a hosting giant, with more than a million customers using 25+ data centers around the world.

The OVH dedicated hosting range stands out for its long list of data centers, with hosting available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Singapore and the UK. Some of these locations offer cheaper hosting than others, and, unusually, OVH passes the savings on to you. For example, one of the UK server costs $86 (£64.99), but switching to Poland cuts the minimum cost to $79 (£59.99).


5. Liquid Web

Professional hosting for demanding users
Dedicated server Single Processor $123/mth
Dedicated server Dual Processor $247/mth

Powerful features
Hugely configurable
High minimum price
Liquid Web is a popular provider of high-end business hosting products ranging from managed WordPress and WooComerce plans, to cloud VPS, dedicated servers and private clouds.

The company’s dedicated offerings may look expensive, with a starting price of $199 (£142) a month (at the moment, you pay $123.38 for the first four months), but they’re also far better specified than most of the budget competition.

Even the cheapest dedicated server includes two speedy 480GB SSD drives, for instance. There’s also a 1TB SATA backup drive provided, making it easy and convenient to run regular backups.

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Top 20 Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting of 2018

Investing in Dedicated Server Hosting services may seem like a luxury that only large enterprises and high-earning businesses can afford. However, you’ll be surprised to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to reap its benefits.

Dedicated Server hosting is a type of internet hosting that lets a user lease an entire server that is not shared with anyone else. It is great for building an online presence, storing company documents online, and optimizing business processes. Whether you wish to create an official website for your business or build a central file repository for your operations, these servers can provide you with the secure network you need to modernize your business.

Unlike shared servers, this high-performance web hosting option allows you to get better up-time and security and exclusive bandwidth. Moreover, many dedicated servers give you the freedom to modify it depending on the needs of your business or the requirements of your industry.

However, with the many hosting service providers out there, it can be confusing to choose one that suits your business. To help you narrow down your options, we have compiled the top 20 cheap dedicated server hostings according to the quality of features they offer.

What are the top 20 Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting?

  1. InMotion Hosting
  2. HostGator
  3. GoDaddy Hosting
  4. Bluehost
  5. iPage
  6. HostFav
  7. Dreamhost
  8. InterServer
  9. Namecheap
  10. 1&1
  11. HostDime
  12. iPower
  13. Host1Plus
  14. Hawk Host
  15. YesUpHost
  16. ServerHub
  17. XLHost
  18. Acenet
  19. Liquid Web
  20. Host Sailor

Choosing a Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Are you browsing for dedicated servers for the first time? Perhaps you are looking to replace your current servers? Whatever the case, it is important to note that no two web hosting platforms are the same. To make sure you are investing in a server that will be able to handle what your company requires, be sure to take some of these factors into consideration:

Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2018

Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2018

  1. High Speed, High Bandwidth. No customer wants to wait too long for a site to load. In fact, a webpage must load in 1000 milliseconds to maintain their attention. This is why you need a high-speed server with a bandwidth that can support the amount of information you wish to transfer to and from your site. In addition, be sure to check if the server can guarantee a high up-time percentage.
  2. Large Storage Capacity. You will be using your website for a long time, so it’s best to find a server with a large storage capacity. On top of that, the server you choose should have reliable backup and recovery options. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing any data if ever you experience network failures.
  3. Secure Server. More than 30,000 sites are hacked on a daily basis. Make sure you choose a server that can protect your data and provide you with up-to-date security features. Some of the most common security tools that you might need are RAID technology and DDoS protection.
  4. Robust Features. Find out what comes with the web host’s packages. Be on the lookout for root access, good bandwidth, large disk space, and a dedicated RAM. You should also choose one with extensive customization solutions and flexible management options.
  5. Customer Support. It is inevitable for you to encounter difficulties as you set up and maintain your website, so it’s important to find a hosting provider that offers good customer support. Plenty of hosting service providers offer 24/7 technical support; however, if the server you’re interested in does not offer this, you could check if they have a resource portal you can refer to for your inquiries.
  6. Value for Money. Just because you are not splurging on a dedicated server it doesn’t mean you should settle for subpar options. Be sure to check if the web host will be able to provide you with affordable features without compromising on quality.
  7. Company Background. Many software solutions are often created to meet the needs of a particular industry even though they offer services that other businesses need as well. The same rule applies to dedicated servers. By learning the specialization of the company that manages the server you’re interested in, you can gauge if they will be able to cater to the needs of your industry. To get a better background on the companies behind the services mentioned below, our list of best web hosting companies might be able to help you.

Now that we have discussed what makes a good web hosting service, you can now start browsing for the ideal one for your company.  To get you started, we will be providing you with a list of the most affordable yet robust dedicated server hosting available on the market. There is also a comprehensive Dedicated Server Hosting price comparison for your reference.

Top 10 Cheapest and Best Dedicated Servers Hosting Providers

We know, cheap Dedicated Servers Hosting sounds like an oxymoron. The top floor of the hosting high-rise is typically reserved for high-powered enterprises with large demands for bandwidth, data storage, and computing power. Just because you need extra oomph in your hardware, however, doesn’t mean you need to break open the piggy bank.

With a Dedicated Server Hosting , your resources are not shared. When you choose a dedicated hosting provider, you get the full resources of a single server, all for your projects, no one else.

Best Dedicated Servers Hosting

Cheapest Dedicated Servers Hosting

One of the most desired things when you buy a dedicated server for example, is the right to have a single IP address for you, it won’t be shared with other people as well. As you know, with a VPS the IP address will be likely shared with multiple VPS and if it hosts for example, adult websites and you have a decent blog, your rank will be injured cause of the IP. The are other reasons as well and advantages of using a dedicated server, however a dedicated server is obviously more expensive than a VPS, so if you are looking for a new provider that offers a decent server with good resources and an affordable price, we’ll share with you in this top 10 providers that you may like to check before taking a desicion on which hosting provider you should choose for your new dedicated server.

10. Veesp

Cheapest Server: $120.00

Dedicated Server Hosting Veesp

Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth
Intel Xeon L5630 x2- 8c/16t 2.13/2.4Ghz 32GB DDR3 256GB SSD / 4TB SAS HDD 200 Mbps Without Traffic Limit

Veesp cheapest server is the MEDIUM 32 (Intel Xeon based). Dedicated servers are the right choice when there is a consistent demand on high performance and reliability. If you have heavy I/O requirements 24 hours a day or it is necessary to run lengthy database queries as efficiently as possible, dedicated servers are the best option. That’s why Veesp allows you to rent a dedicated server and get a wide range of additional services based on the reliable data center infrastructure of the Veesp hosting provider.

9. Hivelocity

Cheapest Server: $89.00

Dedicated Server Hosting Hivelocity

Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth
3.4GHz Quad-Core E3-1230 v5 Intel Skylake Xeon DDR4: 16GB SSD: 240 GB 20TB on 1Gbps port

A Windows or Linux dedicated server from hivelocity provides you with 100% of the system’s capabilities. No one can steal your resources and there is no virtualization overhead. You will have Admin/root access to your Windows or Linux dedicated server, which gives you full control over the customization of your server’s hardware and software. There is no better option than a dedicated server when you are trying to find the best balance between maximizing performance and minimizing cost.

8. 1&1

Cheapest Server: $59.99

Dedicated Server Hosting 1&1

Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth
4 Cores x 3.1 GHz
(3.4 GHz Turbo Boost)
12 GB
1,000 GB
(2 x 1,000 SATA)
100Mbps or 1Gbps

Their line of High performance server offer a high end server with 4 cores. 1&1 offer a wide range of different processors designed for long-term, continuous operation in servers, providing you with a high level of performance in addition to great reliability. They always put their trust in products from Intel and AMD, who are known for their high-performance processors. The server includes unlimited traffic, with no bandwidth throttling. Regardless of the amount of data used by or downloaded from your servers, all traffic is free of charge at a speed of up to 1 Gbit/s.

For select packages, you have the option to expand your HDD storage onto additional SSD storage, or replace it outright, resulting in access times that can be over ten times faster on your 1&1 Dedicated Server. SSDs are the perfect choice for servers with frequently accessed files.

7. Namecheap

Cheapest Server: $58.88

Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth
Xeon E3-1220 v3 4 Cores x 3.1 GHz 8 GB DDR3 500 GB HHD 10 TB

The cheapest dedicated server from namecheap is a Single CPU with Multiple Cores (Intel Xeon E3). A dedicated server from Namecheap offers performance, reliability and the latest server hardware. Servers are setup same-day with selected servers setup in under 4 hours. Most servers come with a 100% network uptime guarantee. Single CPU, Multiple Cores (Intel Xeon E3).

6. Server Wala

Cheapest Server: $55.00

Dedicated Server Hosting Server Wala

Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth

Although they state their fully customized servers go online within 24 hours the reality is most of them are deployed within just 8 hours from the time they receive the payment. They offer a handful of pre-built, pre-configured servers that are deployable in about 30 minutes. Their servers are powered by Intel processors, each equipped with high-performance memory giving you the best hosting experience. Their Hardware and telecommunication resources are completely redundant to the needs of the customers. They do not over-pack our servers, so you can be sure that your website will be fast performing and highly responsive.

5. GTHost

Cheapest Server: $49.00

Dedicated Server Hosting GTHost

Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth
Xeon E3-1265L v3 – c4/t8 2.50-3.70GHz 16Gb DDR3 1600MHz 1TB HDD or 120GB SSD 200Mbit/s Unmetered

GTHost cheapest Dedicated Server is the Xeon E3-1265Lv3 in Data Centers of Canada, Germany and the USA. Their entry-level dedicated servers are low on cost, but still deliver on high performance and quality. Their technicians service your servers without any third parties involved therefore they can offer reliable and cheap Dedicated Servers in the USA and Europe. Reliability and redundancy are their number one priority. The state of the art Supermicro Dedicated Servers use the most modern components – Intel CPU, and top of the line storages from Samsung, Micron and Seagate. All the Dedicated Servers come with a 100% network uptime guarantee.

4. SoYouStart

Cheapest Server: $41.99

Dedicated Server Hosting SoYouStart


Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth
Intel Xeon E3-1225v2
4c / 4t
16GB DDR3 1333 MHz SoftRaid 3x2TB SATA 250 Mbit/s

Are you looking for an affordable yet powerful machine? So You Start cheapest server is the E3-SAT-1-16. So you Start has designed a line of rental dedicated perfect for startups and small businesses looking for power, flexibility and economy as well. The reliability of the So you Start dedicated servers would be an undeniable asset for your business.


Cheapest Server: $34.99

Dedicated Server Hosting Online


Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth
1x Intel® Xeon® E3 1220 16 GB DDR3 ECC 2x 2 TB SATA Premium 300 Mbit/s

In their Pro class, the Pro-1-S-SATA product is the cheapest server. offers a wide range of enterprise-class dedicated servers offering a balance of CPU, memory, and storage for any workloads. High end Dedibox BareMetal Servers that are powerful and reliable to cater all your hosting needs with guaranteed and predictable performances.


Cheapest Server: $25.00

Dedicated Server Hosting NOCIX


Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth
AMD Quadcore – 3GHz 4 Cores/ 4 Threads 16GB DDR3 120GB SSD + 2TB SATA Capacity* 100TB Monthly Transfer

Their service of Preconfigured Servers with Instant Activation offers a very cheap and reliable server with a free setup. Nocix offers servers in their datacenter’s in a controlled environment, with the power, security and bandwidth that you’ll need to run your unmanaged dedicated server safely. They maintain everything from the datacenter’s environment to the servers, labor and materials, so that you can focus on what you do best: your business. All servers are located in their Kansas City, Missouri, USA datacenter location. Once your server is online, the 24-hour on site staff strive to respond to any hardware support tickets you may have within 10 minutes. Choose your OS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian or CentOS and get started with your projects !

1. Server4You

Cheapest Server: $37.99

Dedicated Server Hosting Server4You

Processor RAM Storage Bandwidth
AMD opteron Octa-Core, up to 8x 2.4 GHz 16GB 2x 2TB SATA II HDD (RAID1), 7.2k 100 Mbit/s

Server4You offers spectacular dedicated servers at very low price. Their green line is the cheapest and optimal dedicated server. Server4You offers a very convenient data transfer flat rate: Transfer as much data as you want every month over an extremely fast network connection and completely without extra costs. When you need support, they are there for you 24/7. You can find the best practical info in exchange with other server4you customers on their forum as well. You get and choose the latest, greatest operating system free of charge. You may select the OS of your choice through the customer panel once your server has been activated e.g Ubuntu 18.04, FreeBSD, Scientific Linux, CentOS 7, Debian 8 or Windows Server 2017.

Best Dedicated Servers Hosting 2018

If you know (or even own) another hosting provider that offers cheap servers with root access, please share it and the price as well with the community in the comment box.